After training to be a Photographer many moons ago and nominated a young Ilford printer of the year,

Tracy developed a style of Animal Photography which is clean, crisp and  informative.

In doing so has acquired an extensive knowledge of her subject, of the types of Animals,

breed variation country to country and animal behaviour.

Tracy s purpose built Barn Studio is 40 minutes from central London on the Marylebone Line.

Over  50 commissioned books to her name.

Including Encyclopaedia of the Dog and Encyclopaedia of the Cat

The first dog book Tracy was commissioned on, Eyewitness hand book Dogs by Dorling Kindersley

went on to sell over 5 million copies worldwide.

Having attended many World Dog Shows prior to popular usage of web sites and the internet.

She has handled over 450 Dog breeds and hundreds of Cats. Some Dogs still very rare and some getting rarer .

Commissioned to photograph the unusual breeds,  that now can be a common sight in this country.

Abroad, Dog breeds go by many different names in different languages and have minor, sometimes subtle differences

which is important to have knowledge of when producing authentic images for identification books.

Finding the breed is one problem, convincing the owners to have their dogs photographed is another and then you have to convince the dog and capture the essence of that breed.

In the early days convincing the security man at the airport not to put the treasured film rolls through their ancient x ray machines was the hardest job of all !

Cats are very different for Photography. Patience, love and care to Cats and Kittens gets you the results needed.

They will not be hurried. They usually prefer to sit in my location boxes and play.

Retouching digital images expertly is now part of the job.