If I didn’t love what I do, I wouldn’t get the results that I do.   Animal are my life.

What makes me different?

With a passion for capturing the essence of your animal with high quality photography, after 41 years Tracy has acquired an extensive knowledge of many animals, reptiles, cats and specifically dogs of all breed, types, mixes and characteristics.

Knowing their particular behaviour traits, allows me to know them, interact closer with them and with very laid back professionalism you need around animals, produce the images that you see or need.

From the very start I have worked mixing my days between Pet portraiture, Book Publishing, Advertising, Dog Shows, retouching and design work and spending years being with and learning about animals.  Every job important to me and entwining with each other through the years.

600 square ft Barn Studio designed by me and built specifically for my work

(40 mins on Marylebone Line)

Trained in Photography at Gloucester College of Art and Technology

Trained under the wonderful London still life, food photographer Bryce Attwell.

Nominated as Young Ilford Printer of the year (many moons ago)

First commissioned book sold over 5 million copies worldwide

Has appeared on Television many times and worked with and for, the famous, titled, and Royalty.

In the course of her career has been commissioned by many top names in publishing with over 50 books to her name.